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Understanding Your Chronic Pain

Finding the actual source of your chronic dysfunction

Muscles attach to bones and when the connection between the brain and muscles get hindered, they shorten pulling bones and joints out of alignment causing irregular wear and tear, inflammation and pain that won’t be fully cured without the muscle imbalances causing the dysfunction to be corrected.

The Real Cost of Muscle Imbalances

Your chronic pain is costing you more than you think

Irregular wear and tear of joint over time can create excessive cellular division making your body more vulnerable to disease and accelerating your body’s biological aging clock. By correcting muscle imbalances, you can not only rid yourself of chronic pain but prevent irregular wear and tear and cellular division to enhance the quality and longevity of your life.

Fixing Muscle Imbalances

Activating the Nerve Muscle connection to restore balance and end pain

Apex uses proven proprietary Bionetic muscle activation methods to identify, assessment and enhance the brain connection with dormant muscle to eliminate the imbalance and restore the proper alignment of joint to not only cure chronic pain but prevent it from returning.

Bone Reformation

An Apex Fit Corrective Exercise Pain Relief Example

“Apex Corrective Exercise did what 20 years of seeking traditional medicine couldn’t.”

Apex client Sheila Kiner struggled with chronic neck pain for over 20 years, took pain medication everyday and had tried every pain relief modality under the sun to no avail. On the left side of the video you can see how during the exercise her right shoulder lifts upward excessively. The video on the right shows her after 4 weeks of Apex corrective exercise sessions with her shoulder moving in complete balance. Not only was her chronic pain relieved it never returned.

Pain Relief Results


“Apex cure my pain and prevented my scheduled back surgery .”

Pablo Lopez 


“Apex not only cured my chronic pain in 2 day they got me swinging faster!”

Jodi Shadoff

LPGA Tour Winner

Becky Hughes White Teeth

“I had given up hope of living pain free. Apex got me 100% pain free!!!”

Becky Hughes

Darnell Hill

“Apex cured my pain back, hip, neck and shoulder pain.”

Darnell Hill

Kaveri Deliwala

“Apex fixed my chronic sciatic back pain in 1 session.”

Kaveri Deliwala


“Apex got me pain free and has kept me pain free for over 10 years.”

Josh Korman

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Frequently Asked Questions

Results vary per person. The majority of clients get a dramatic relief in pain and flexibility in the first week with a large number in their first visit. The total time it takes for the pain to remain away depends on the severity and length of time of the muscle imbalances. 

After getting 100% pain free at Apex several clients continue to train to focus on body shaping, weight loss or performance goals. The goal is the enhance your understanding of the cause of the pain and your personal pattern, so you understand what to do to keep the pain away along with things of what not to do to prevent the pain from returning.

People that are in acute pain that has only lasted two weeks. We cure chronic pain that has lasted longer than 2 weeks.

No, it is a corrective exercise program. We use proprietary Bionetic neuro-muscular methods created by Apex Fit owner Randall Hunt. Our methods are unique to Apex and our clients usually have not experience anything similar in their treatment.

We do not take insurance but to take HCA and have financing options available.







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