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Understanding True Flexibility

Flexibility is the ability for muscles to contract. When muscles contract, they pull the bones they are connected to to create range of motion. The stronger a muscle can contract the greater the range of motion. A lack of range of motion in a joint in the body is directly related to a lack of strength in the muscles that connect to the joint. If you have limited “flex-ability” the solution is to increase the muscles’ ability to flex/contract not stretch.

Muscle Contraction

Stop Stretching for Flexibility!

If you want to become more “flex-able” you must increase the ability for your muscles to contract. Stretching engages the golgi tendon organ (GTO) which dampens the connection between the brain and muscle drastically lowering the ability for the muscle to contract hindering optimal flexibility. The optimal way to increase flexibility is to increase the brain’s connection with more muscle spindles.

Enhancing Muscle Contraction for Flexibility

Bionetic exercise uses proprietary methods to increase the brain’s connection with more muscle fibers to enhance the muscle’s ability to contract and create range of motion. The increased muscle spindle sensitivity between the brain and muscle from Bionetic exercise increases “useable” flexibility that allows for greater range of motion and the ability to contract in the increased range of motion for functional power and stability.

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dr Ivan

“Apex completely released the tightness in my body. It’s truly unbelievable. I can’t recommend Apex highly enough.”

Dr. Ivan Montijo


“Apex will increase your range of motion in ways you could never imagine. I recommend to all of my students.”

Martin McTernan
Head Golf Pro Lake Nona Country Club


“Apex released tightness in my body in ways I didn’t think were possible at 80. You have to try it.”

Bill Bieberbach


“The range of motion difference with Apex is insane. I recommend to all of our junior golfers.”

Mario Conte
Owner Hurricane Junior Golf Tour

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will experience a drastic increase in your flexibility and range of motion in your first visit. The stronger you get the easier it will be to maintain your flexibility.

Apex Strength Training can not only eliminate the tightness in your body but prevent it from retuning. Unlike stretching that provides no long-term solution or correction of the reason the muscles where tight to begin with, Apex Strength Training identifies the source of muscle tightness and strategically strengthens and correct the muscle imbalances that were the source of the tightness.

Absolutely, the number one cause of pain in muscle imbalances that restrict movement and pull joints out of alignment. The Apex flexibility program creates pain relief by correcting muscle imbalances. (Link the pain relief hyperlink to the pain relief corrective exercise page)

Absolutely, the Apex flexibility program will correct the muscle imbalances hindering optimal performance to not only give you the range of motion you need but increase your body’s ability to contract in that range of motion. The Apex flexibility program methods are used in both our Golf Specific and Sport Specific programs.  (Link the pain relief hyperlinks  to golf specific and sport specific exercise pages)







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