Remove Fat From Your Body

The Apex Fit Semaglutide weight loss program is a jumpstart to your long-term weight loss goals. Unlike regular medical weight loss clinic that prescribe Semaglutide and send their clients on the way, Apex does an in-depth bloodwork panel, DEXA Scan body composition assessment and 3D body scan to accurately measure how you are losing weight to make sure you are losing in a way that can stay off long term. Our proprietary system is proven to:

  • Weight Loss Hormone Enhancement 
  • Regular Blood Work
  • Medical Supervision
  • 3D Body Scan
  • DEXA Body Composition Scans
  • Customs Fitness and Nutrition Plans Available

Semglutide Results

Complete Body Management

Unlike traditional hormone therapy practices that only look at bloodwork and weight, all Apex  Med Spa hormone clients get DEXA body composition and 3D body scans included to bloodwork to use the most accurate technology in the world to accurately measure the enhancement changes that take place underneath your skin.

Custom Programs

Optimize your metabolic enhancement experience with a custom nutrition and workout program designed to meet the EXACT metabolic needs of your body.


Custom Workouts designed for your body specific to your goals


Nutrition program designed for your unique in line with your metabolic needs


Our specialists track, manage and coach your progress

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